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Event Details

Shamanism Workshop

1. Basic Workshop 

Price : $555

Duration : 3.5 hours/day for 2days,in total 7hours 

Book and pay schedule time and date

2. Advanced Workshop

Price : $1500

Duration : 3.5 hours/day for 4 days,in total 14 hrs 

3. Basic and Advanced workshop together

Price : $1250

Duration : 3hrs/day for 6days,in total 18hrs

You are allowed to schedule for any weekend or weekday time 

What do you get?

Samskara Institutes 

Basic Shamanism 

- introduction to shamanism 

- concept and ideology 

- importantance of breath work 

- teaching to be detached 

- introduce 3 Worlds 

- introduce the elements 

- the gateway to the portals 

- first journey ( travel ) to lower world 

- talk on power animals 

- talk on healing in lower world 

- exercises to heal in the lower world 

- divination 

- talk about Ho’ponopono and exercise with that

Advanced Shamanism 

- Talk on ethics and importance 

- Journey to the upper world and meeting your guides 

- Journey to the middle world just to witness nothing more 

- importance of shielding 

- start journeys to heal self 

* soul healing 

- importantance of soul contract 

* soul contracts journey to understand 

- to help connect to the soul self 

- ancestral meeting place 

Talk on soul loss 

- Journey to see and heal your soul loss 

- Learn to draw your power back. 

- Healing the Heart 

- importantance of healing the heart 

- journey to the heal the heart 

- connect to the power animal of the heart 

- connect to Mother Earth 

- heart wall retrieval and importance 

- journey to keep the divine mother 

- journey to heal any wounds created by trauma or pain

- talk on ethics and important laws of the spirit world

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This event takes place online.

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